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Getting started in Fooddy is the first step to simplify your fully integrated POS.Get the perfect technology for your business. Subscribe to Fooddy to open all its features and experience the ease of using to climb a step higher in your business. Package price is 5,000 INR per year.

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Fooddypos has many customizable features and options to setup the store according to your need. Set up your Store in minutes and easily update it from anywhere, on any device. All the ingredients for your success are ready , just add your personal touch.

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With fooddypos you can always keep track of what you have in stock and modify the stock count in real time from any place or device thus making sure that you never run out of your best selling items.You can add and control every element to make your bussiness moves trackable and profitable.

4. Fooddy now works for you:

Wide options for assigning roles to employees,tracking stock,Invoices, bills will make you safer and assured about the business flow. Accurate Reports on cost and profit will help you to compare data and take smart and game-changing decisions.Just keep an eye on things, you get on what you are passionate about.


Features Free Paid
POS(Point OF Sale)
Kitchen Display System
Works online and offline
Inventory Management
Credit Sales
Employee Management
Sales tracking and Invoice generation
24/7, 365 days support
Email Support | Phone Support
Chat Support | Whatsapp Support
On-Site Support
Pricing - 5000 INR
Duration 15 days
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